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All about Hauptwerk has received hundreds of highly positive comments in the Facebook Groups and other forums related to Hauptwerk. The author has also received a very great many personal communications from readers, expressing their appreciation of the book.
The following Book Review by James McVinnie appears by kind permission of the "Organists' Review":
"Hauptwerk is a program which allows the playback or live performance of sound samples  of  real pipe organs. Kenneth A. Spencer's book All about Hauptwerk does exactly what it says 'on the tin'.
This is a must-have book for all those who are thinking of building their own Virtual Pipe Organ at home, widely acknowledged as the
next best thing to a real pipe organ. The author suggests that one should read the book 'rather like a novel' before attempting anything; it is indeed easy to read, detailed and informative and offers a
comprehensive, step-by-step guide in layman's terms as to what the program is, how the program works and what you need to buy to make it all work.

It's a persuasive read, too: you will find
  yourself eager to explore the possibilities of this powerful program, but the book also offers some thoughts of a more philosophical nature on the often thorny issue of where digital instruments stand in  the  realm  of  the real pipe organ.
The book first offers an introduction
  to  the pipe organ for those who  may  have  come to the program without prior knowledge of how a real  pipe  organ is constructed. It then goes on to describe what Hauptwerk is, how it works and how you would obtain it (the program is a commercial product, but is also available with limited functionality for free), the hardware needed (computer capacity, MIDI keyboards and  pedalboards  and  how   these talk to the program, audio playback requirements etc). It also goes into building  your  own  console  and how to voice  your  instrument  for the  room  in  which  it  is  placed.
The book also touches on how the instrument could be used in a studio context with Digital Audio Work stations such as Logic and ProTools.

Thoroughly recommended.
James McVinnie.

ISBN: 978-1-291-88674-0
      Buy it here: http://goo.gl/S85xIq 
(Buy from this link, send in a copy of your receipt to the email address above, and, after agreeing neither to copy nor pass on the file, you will receive a personalised, not for copying/distribution PDF file in colour, of this book, free of charge.)

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