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All about your Computer ISBN: 978-1-291-88674-0      Buy it here: http://goo.gl/ZQf7c7
So many of us use a computer for such a wide range of reasons, that since the creation of the personal or home computer between 1979 and 1981, computers have become ubiquitous. However, there are those who wonder: "exactly how does a PC do all those things. I wish someone would explain that clearly to me, I mean really explain!"
All about your Computer really does do that! Starting from the outside of a standard desktop PC, we work our way around the the outside - the sockets, the disc and CD/DVD drives etc. Then we remove the covers and look at the motherboard, at memory, at the processor, in each case studying what they do and how they do it. Then we look at computer software, with an explanation of how it is written and how it works. Next we consider networks, and the Internet and its applications, including websites and email. After reading those chapters you really will understand how you get to view web pages! Finally we spend time considering Internet and PC safety and security, examining virusses, and other examples of malicious software. You will feel so much more confident about using your PC!

All about Hauptwerk      ISBN: 978-1-326-31884-0       Buy it here: http://goo.gl/S85xIq
Hauptwerk  is a computer program which enables an organist to play a huge range of cathedral, church, concert hall and home pipe organs in his/her home. The instruments are re-created by using packages of special recordings of each and every pipe in the original instrument loaded into a computer within a "Hauptwerk Organ Console". This console may range from keyboard manuals, pedalboard, and controls (stops, pistons and couplers) and a high quality amplifiers & speakers, down to a simple MIDI keyboard and headphones.
All about Hauptwerk is a very popular book amongst Haupwerk enthusiasts at all levels - it explains how to obtain and install the software, and how to set up all aspects of a Hauptwerk Console. There are also sections showing how to build a console, and a pedalboard.

The Polychronicon - a 35-year Adventure                            Buy it here: http://goo.gl/kakeLr
Dungeons and
Dragons - hmm - Most people have heard about the game: "Dungeons and Dragons". This book is about a game of "D&D" played by a group of enthusiasts, which lasted for over 35 years (actually over 40 years, but the book covers the first 35 of them).
The Polychronicon - a 35-year Adventure is a large tome indeed, with almost 400 pages. Heavily and lavishly illustrated and in full colour, the book describes all the adventures experienced day-by-day by a troupe of adventurers: "The Friday 'Venturers", as they wander across a world of forest, seas, ice, mountains, plains, caves and deserts, responding to calls for help from those they meet on the way.
Unsurprisingly this book is rather expensive, but will provide many hours of pleasure re-living the experiences of the troupe - we hope that you enjoy it! The Friday 'Venturers

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