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In many ways, the computer is more like the brain than you might think. If you have ever seen a brain (I have), The thing about the brain is that you cannot tell what it does, nor how it works, by looking at it. It is thus with a computer. Its not like a kidney: look at it macrosopically and microscopically, and you can easily guess that it is a filter. Look at the heart, and immediately you'll see it is a pump.
But somehow, the computer, just like the brain, but unlike an electric motor or petrol engine, manages to hide it's function and what it is doing from anyone looking in at it.
Therefore, there are those who wonder: "exactly how does a PC do all those things. I wish someone would explain that clearly to me, I mean really explain!"
All about your Computer really does do that! Starting from the outside of a standard desktop PC, we work our way around the the outside - the sockets, the disc and CD/DVD drives etc. Then we remove the covers and look at the motherboard, at memory, at the processor, in each case studying what they do and how they do it. Then we look at computer software, with an explanation of how it is written and how it works. Next we consider networks, and the Internet and its applications, including websites and email. After reading those chapters you really will understand how you get to view web pages! Finally we spend time considering Internet and PC safety and security, examining virusses, and other examples of malicious software.
All those personalities (so many of them British: Charles Babbage, Tim Berners-Lee, George Boole, Tommy Flowers, Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing) are credited for the role they played in giving us these amazing machines.
You will feel so much more confident about using your PC!
What readers say:
"Highly informative and very readable - I read it to the end!" (WO)
"A very enjoyable book. The historical accounts were really interesting. I read it from cover to cover." (RP).

ISBN: 978-1-291-88674-0
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