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Dungeons and
Dragons - hmm - Most people have heard about the game: "Dungeons and Dragons". This book is about a game of "D&D" played by a group of enthusiasts, which lasted for over 35 years (actually over 40 years, but the book covers 35 of them).
The Polychronicon - a 35-year Adventure is a large tome indeed, with almost 400 pages. Heavily and lavishly illustrated and in full colour, the book describes all the adventures experienced day-by-day by a troupe of adventurers: "The Friday 'Venturers", as they wonder across a world of forest, seas, ice, mountains, plains, caves and deserts, responding to calls for help from those they meet on the way.
Unsurprisingly this book is rather expensive, but will provide many hours of pleasure re-living the experiences of the troupe - we hope that you enjoy it!
Read about the characters and the events, successes and failures experienced by the troupe as they travel through their world meeting Kings and Emperors, Monsters and Villains.
On the way, you will read about how the troupe dealt with creatures and people such as:
  Zyrxog the Mind Flayer      The Ulgurstasta         The 6-armed Marylith  Magician Theldrick

There are dozens of detailed maps showing all the places visited, and more than one hundred illustrations.

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