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JISys - The Journal Indexing System

To purchase or enquire, contact us via the email address at the top of this page.

JISys is an indexing system which is of great use in almost any working environment.
It permits any kind of document, be it a publication (book, journal, magazine, paper, pamphlet) or document ("grey" literature, legal papers, business records) to be indexed by a set of keywords. The database can then be searched using the keywords, and document(s) containing the term(s) can then be located.

The entire database can also be printed as a specially formatted searchable catalogue.

The Journal Indexing System helps any professional to answer the question:
     "Now where did I read that article about ...xyz... ?".
Or, "What are the rules about "...xyz ..."; Or "When did we discuss "...xyz... in committee?".

JISys permits the creation of a user-defined dictionary of keywords or phrases and a list of Journal (publication) names so that dated article titles and note summaries can be entered. We use the term "Journal" flexibly to mean an actual journal or magazine, but also any publication or written document - it only needs to have a title and a date (but can also have one or more authors).

JISys is available as a single PC, single user system (SU), and as a Networked Multi-user system (MU).
The cost is from £50.00 depending upon the licence type purchased.

runs on all versions of Microsoft® Windows® from XP to Win10. 32-bit Windows is supported natively, 64 bit uses utility software supplied with the system.

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