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salesys sales tracking - (scroll & read me, choose link)

SaleSys is a Sales Management System designed to enable all of your product or service sales to be recorded: it can model the greater proportion of your sales activity in a single system.
To purchase SaleSys contact us via the email address at the top of this page.

Full details of your Customers, Suppliers and your Commodities (goods and services) are easily maintained. An extensive set of Reports give you the financial information you need.

SaleSys also supports multiple currency (including the Euro) and multinational VAT rates.

Think of SaleSys as comprising several sections.
Details of the Startup, the Organisations Detail, The Commodities Detail and the Transactions Detail Screens are shown here. Summaries of each section are shown below.

1. Your Business Structure
Cost Centres: Divisions of your business in which you may wish to study sales activity, to some extent separately.
: Accounting headings into which sales activity may be summed.
2. Your trading partners (Organisations)
Businesses, institutions and individuals with whom
you trade, buy, sell or pay as Suppliers, Customers or in other (e.g. user-defined) roles.
3. Your Products, Goods and Services (Commodities)
Any material, product, service, commodity or financial obligation which you buy, sell, service or use. SaleSys can manage and track commodity purchase and sale at batch or serial number level, and monitor stock levels as well as manage warranties for your products.
4. Your Business Dealings (Transactions)
Record a business interaction between you and one of your Organisations, involving one or more of your Commodities. SaleSys generates Ledger-based records of all of the sales (orders, invoices, despatches), and purchase (orders, invoices, deliveries) activities of your business.
5. Reports
produces business reports for reporting and monitoring, and as a record of your business information:
 - Lists of your Supplier/Customer (and other) Organisations
 - Lists of your Commodities, their supplier prices, and batch labels
 - Activity histories of Organisation and Commodity accounts
 - Ledger prints of Sales and Purchase Transactions
 - Serial number tracking
 - Warranties - Primary (statutory) & Extended; Warranty expiry dates
 - Batch Labels, Batch Sales and Batch Stock lists
 - Schedules of orders Invoiced but not so far Despatched
 - Sales Activity of your Sales Staff
6. Activity Graphs
is able to generate graphs of Sales Activity by each member of your sales staff, either over the year or for a single month. Either all sales staff may be shown or a single staff member may be selected.

SaleSys Sales Management is exceptionally flexible. A system of user-defined codes and attributes maintains pull-down listboxes with all kinds of data item options such as ledger & transaction types, transaction statusses, organisation roles, address types, department categories, international VAT rates & VAT territories, international currencies, depreciation codes. There is a rich range of codes on installation: only in exceptional cases need extras be added, but flexibility is there for when your use of the system demands it.

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salesys sales tracking - (read me)

SaleSys Sales Managment
is a special extended and modified version of our accounts package AccoSys Accounts especially enhanced to manage Sales Staff, and to enable detailed sales reports and graphs and management of standard and extended warranties.

SaleSys is available for one-PC one-user (SU), and for Networked Multi-users (MU).
MU licences are issued in groups of four. 

The cost is from £100.00 for an SU licence.

Note: More than eight simultaneous users on Microsoft Access is likely to degrade performance significantly.

SaleSys runs on all versions of Microsoft® Windows® from XP to Win10 and requires Microsoft® Access® 2003 or above.
(If running on Access 2007+ please be sure to read the support notes.)

NOTE: If you intend to run SaleSys on Access 2003 you must apply service pack SP1 before

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