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costsys job costing - (scroll & read me)

                                           CostSys Job Costing - Principal Screens (EXIT from the bottom of the page)

All Data and Options in CostSys Job Costing are accessed via the Main Options Screen, which is shown immediately after a successful login.
Select REPORTS to choose from a range of reports.
Select MAINTAIN (Alt+M) to:
- define CONSTANTS
- reset YOUR password
- create & set USERS and their ROLES
- BACKUP the system data files
- COMPACT the system data files (help)
Select CODES to amend and create these items in accordance with the CostSys User Guide.
Select LICENCE to see your user licence.
Select ABOUT to see version and other details of your copy of CostSys Job Costing.


An Organisation in CostSys is any individual, institution or company with whom you trade.

After a click on the Organisations button, the Organisations List allows the selection of an Organisation Record for editing or examination.
You may also create new Organisation records.
Organisations must have:
- Name, Code, Address, a Currency and at least one Role.
Organisations may have:
- Company & VAT Registration numbers, VAT Territory, Telecomms and Contact details.
Organisations may also have:
- Bank account details and a preferred Label format.
All information is date-ranged, so that past information can easily be accessed if required.
Any number of roles can be created and applied.
Any number of Telecommunication types can be created and applied.
The system is multi-currency.


A Commodity in CostSys is any resource, be it time, labour, money, product, service which you use in your business, for which you may or may not charge.
After a click on the Commodities button, the Commodities List allows either the Creation of a New Commodity, or the selection of an existing Commodity Record for editing or examination.
Commodities must have:
- a Name, Code and Type.
Commodities may have:
- Ranged Purchase Cost and Supplier, Unit of Use & Unit Cost & Percentage Waste & Fixed Cost & Type and Description.
Commodities may also have:
- Special Extras (e.g. supply length/width/pattern repeat.
Commodity can be assigned to Jobs and Projects ("Scheduled") either "on the fly" from the Commodities Detail screen or within the Jobs/Projects screens.


A Job in CostSys is a collection of Commodities in quantities of defined units, chargeable or not, which together constitute a finished product.
A Job may be used repeatedly in any one or more Projects, in any quantity.

After a click on the Jobs button, the Jobs List allows either the Creation of a New Job, or the selection of an existing Job Record for editing or examination.
Job Records must have:
- a Name, Code and Yield.
Job Records may have:
- Calculated or Assigned Markup Percentage, Markup Amount, Trade Price, Selling Price;
- Calculated Fixed Cost, Waste Cost, Unit Cost. Some of these items may be calculated or assigned, some are editable.


A Project in CostSys is a collection of chargeable or none chargeable items which form an integral whole which you may agree to provide to a third-party Organisation.

A Project Record must have:
- a Name, Code, an Organisation (Customer Role) and Starting and Completion Dates.
A Project Record may have:
- an Organisation address and Contact name, a Project Cost.
A Project Record may also have:
- a List of Direct Costs which are outwith the cost of any Jobs in the Project;
- a Scheduled List of Jobs incorporated into the Project.
Note the each Job in the Project may be single or in any other Quantity.

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