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costsys job costing - (read me, choose link)

CostSys Job Costing CostSys Job Costing is designed to model the costing aspects of your products and services.

Think of CostSys Job Costing as comprising several sections.
Details of the Startup, the Commodities Detail, the Jobs Detail and the Projects Detail screens are shown here. Brief summaries of each section are shown below.

1. Your Commodities
Commodities are your ingredients or materials (including your labour) which you use in carrying out your jobs.
Commodities are set up with associated  units of use, waste (either as a fixed amount or a percentage) and a fixed cost.

2. Jobs
Jobs are made up by combining  Commodites are in any way you wish. Jobs may be regarded as finished products, or services.  Commodities are selected and the quantities and mark-ups or other characterstics involved are chosen and recorded.

3. Projects
For major works with individual Organisations, CostSys can aggregate Jobs into Projects. Full details of your Suppliers and your Commodities are easily maintained, and your Projects with your Customers can easily be costed and tracked. Individual resource use, including timed and dated contributions by staff, can be entered and managed against a Job or Project.

Click on the link in the second paragraph on this page for more detail on the features of CostSys.

PURCHASING CostSys Job Costing
CostSys Job Costing
and its licences are not currently available by Download.
Please contact us via the email address at the top of the page to enquire about, or purchase CostSys

costsys job costing
 - (read me)

CostSys Job Costing is available for one-PC one-user (SU), and for Networked Multi-users (MU).
MU licences are issued in groups of four. 
SU licences cost is £50.00.

To download and purchase a licence, click on the link on the Left.
NOTE: Running more than eight simultaneous user sessions on Microsoft Access is likely to degrade performance significantly.
CostSys runs on all versions of Microsoft® Windows® from XP to Win10 and requires Microsoft® Access® 2003 or above.

NOTE: If running on Access 2007+ please be sure to read the support notes.)
NOTE: If you intend to run AccoSys Accounts on Access 2003 you must apply service pack SP1.


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